Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's my 21st Birthday!!

Well in the United States the 21st birthday is a landmark occasion. You legally can drink alcoholic beverages! Well its not worth much to me in Korea because it is legal to drink at 19. But still it is my day, well 13 hours ahead... I celebrate the day and the technically Sunday for me the day I was "born" back home. But it will be a fun day, some skating in the morning and going out for dinner, plus a couple Pubs/night clubs with a group of international people in the evening!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 16 - HUBO Lab - CAD - Part 1

It has been a while since I have posted last and I am sorry to my audience. I have been working diligently using Autodesk Inventor to create a 3D model of the robot HUBO. I have completed the arms, torso, and hip assemblies so if you compare to a human I just have to finish the head and legs. The most intricate parts are located in the lower arms and I just completed today the hardest to machine part on the robot. The unfortunate thing is I can not show these CAD drawings in their entirety for they are confidential. Today I just sat back an admired my work, they are very impressive, if I say so myself! I will show an example of my daily tasks that have been keeping me very busy, so I don't leave you completely in the dark.
During the day I use two pieces of software Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor. AutoCAD is a known more for its 2D CAD drawings and layouts. However it can be used for 3D modeling, but Inventor is far superior in simulation and assemblies of many parts. I take the AutoCAD file and pick the best view to copy. I pick the view that has the most detail to extrapolate to form 3D image. Things that I look for are irregular shapes that would take time to re-dimension and draw. I copy the lines that form the drawing to a blank Metric part file. I then move throughout the drawing deleting hidden lines. Hidden lines appear as dashed lines, they usually make up holes drilled to a certain depth or features that can't be seen by the front view. After that I go through and "extrude" or go from a 2D drawing to a 3D shape. Each layer creating the parts or "features" such as pockets or islands. Then I finish off each part with "drilling and tapping" or creating holes with treads in patterns that allow the parts of the robot to bolt together. Shown is an example of what I described to you in words, just this specific drawing I had to create the features by hand by coping and re-drawing the AutoCAD file shown to the left. After completion of the parts I then can apply constraints or ways to hold multiple parts together in 3D space. The constraints allow me to align holes and mate surfaces to each other to give the illusion that the parts are truly attached together my means of fasteners, like bolts.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 10,11,12 - Weekend 2

This weekend started with Friday being the Korean Holiday, Foundation Day. Some history on this date is according to ancient Korean legend, the god-king Tan-gun founded the "Chosen" Kingdom in 2333. It is a day of pride to celibate over 4,ooo years of rich Korean heritage. Thou being a holiday Bryan and I worked a half day and got ready for our celebration festivities. During the week we found a few English speaking foreigners living in our dorm. There was two guys from Uzbekistan, one from Morocco, and one from France. One of the Uzbek students has been living in Korea for four years and is fluent in Korean which is a plus. We decided to go to a pizza place in the area next to KAIST, Eoeun-Dong. I had a pizza it was about a foot in diameter...I had to finish the whole thing. Each of us got our own pizza and I could not use the excuse because I'm skinny, for the Uzbek guys were my size! The pizza was quite delicious. I found out that if you order a cheese pizza in Korea it comes with corn melted in the cheese. I thought it was native to Korea, but I was told it can be seen in the United States as well. After dinner we split up and the Moroccan, Bryan, and I went to the Santa Claus Bar. It is not the theme of the bar just a catchy name, it is mainly a foreigner bar. They had a two for one special going. Either two drinks or two shots for 5,000 won. I went with my favorite a double shot of Gin and Tonic, Bryan had two bottles of Cass beer and our Moroccan friend had a double Cranberry Vodka. We conversed for about 2 hours and found out allot about each other and our home countries. But the most interesting thing about our new friend is he is a expert with anything related to alcoholic beverages and bars in the area a real "pro" to say the least. I did not have my camera with me this time around, but I will have pictures up in the near future of this pizza place and pub.
On Saturday Bryan and I decided to hike the rest of the Mountain chain behind our Dorm. This time we invited our Uzbek friends. We made good time and reached the place were we left of last. From there we traveled up the ridge and found our first destination a "Chinese" Style look out tower. The tower was colorfully painted and on the inside ceiling of the tower was an ornate pattern of painted wooden cross beams. After that we ventured farther up the ridge to another more modern fortress. This building was made of concrete/stucco and had two stories with a steel bar ladder leading to the roof. This building marked the end of the trail so we turned back and headed back to the dorm. On our return we decided we would go out for dinner in a few hours to one of the students favorite Pork places. I should have taken a picture before we started but here is a picture after being completely satisfied by a meal for 5 people, but only 3 were present. I also discovered a new favorite drink, it is call Kin. It is a better tasting Sprite with no caffeine, it went well with a nice pork meal! Another neat thing is if you buy Coke-a-Cola in Korea it comes in a glass bottle... they say it makes it taste so much better!
On Sunday was a relax day where Bryan and I watched the movie Shooter, with Mark Wahlberg. I would recommend it, it is one of my favorite action flicks... But can't top The Rock with Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, and ED Harris. The rest of the evening I kicked back, read, and looked up more on the US Civil war.