Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Day In Korea

Well Happy St. Patrick day for starters and Departure date from Korea! I leaving Korea around 11am to be back in the States 14 hours later...I'm going to miss Korea!!! :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Manufacturing - Robogames 2009

"Double Knee" Final Design Robogames 2009

This is the Final CAD lay out of our Robot for the 2009 Robogames Competition. I decided to go with the Double Knee configuration , for the proposed running attribute. The Chassis Specification are 1.7 lbs machined parts, 51cm tall, 24 DOF. Incorporated in the feet are also custom XYZ Force Torque sensor for foot landing data collection. The colors are the proposed Anodizing scheme, but that will come later. I know what you want to see the real thing right? Wait for the next post...the Manufacturing!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prototype "Bent Knee"

This is the "Bent Knee" approach I prototyped. Notice the distinct feature of the the knee motor is set a 45 degree angle normal to the ground. This I believed allows the robot to lift its leg to take a step with out it needing to swing the lower half of the knee out as far in order to progress forward. Also the ankle pitch does not need to rotate to maintain keeping the foot parallel to the ground. The design uses what I defined as stacked axes , which is the pitch and roll are offset from each other in height. Thou being a clever set up of the motors, that was the down fall why we did not go with this design. As a team we decided we wanted all pitch and roll to be fall on the same plane for the hip and ankle motor orientations. Below is closer look into what I described as the Gate motion of this prototype. I guess it is shelved for now but I may want to revamp it for a future candidate.