Wednesday, December 10, 2008

November 10th - National Science Musem

This weekend we decided to go to the National Science Museum. The museum is much larger than the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA but smaller than the Smithsonian in, Washington DC, just for perspective. The museum is packed with many venues like Geology, Space, Botany, Engineering, and Physics to name a few. So now here is a virtual tour of the Museum for your viewing pleasure. Outside the museum had the Chinese zodiac signs as figurines that resembled robots. The 12 figures lead up to two massive robots that stood about 30ft in the air. The entrance fee was only 1,000 won (equal to about $00.50). Around behind the build was an assortment of Korean war era armored vehicles. The Main building consisted of four floors with the center open. Bryan and I spent about 4 hours exploring and being fascinated by the hands on displays. The museum is geared to teach Korean youngsters about Science and Technology. Amongst all the displays the most interesting display was the terrarium located on the bottom floor. It had exotic plants local to Korea on the top and a full aquarium on the under it. I would give the Museum an A+ for accomplishing this goal of getting kids excited about science/engineering topics. They were introducing topics that Bryan and I only just learned in our first and second years of college. The only bad part (well for foreigners) of the museum is the supporting information was all in Korean. Only the display titles were in English, so in essence we did a lot of "window shopping". I will leave it off with a video of one of the displays that showed simple mechanical machines that did absolutely nothing, but was really entertaining!

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