Saturday, February 28, 2009

RoboGames - Introduction

Robogames is a organization that hosts many robotics competitions such as Soccer, Combat and Humanoid. Each year an event is held in San Fransisco where many robots from all over the world come to compete. This year in June DASL will be making their daybiew into the Mini Humanoid competition. Dr. Paul Oh has formed a team consisting of four of his undergraduate and Two graduate researchers. This powerhouse team has been challenged to design, build, and program a bipedal walking robot in less than 6 months. I was brought on board for my mechanical skill set with CAD and Manufacturing. I have challenged myself to come up with a unique and fresh design to be featured in this robot. The past month I have been busy pushing many CAD designs and just lately have seen the fruits of my labor. In the next few post I would like to share my designs and my process I took to reach my Final Product. The following is the schedule that I have been following to keep myself of track for the last few weeks of my Co-op in South Korea.

Feb. 9th - 11th Finalize Robogames CAD of Legs/ Feet
Feb. 12th - 14th Produce CAM with MasterCam of the Legs/Feet
Feb. 16th - 17th CNC parts at Hubo lab
Feb. 17th - 21st Torso/ Arms Finalize CAD
Feb. 21st - 28th Produce CAM for Torso/ Arms
Mar. 1st - 7th (Overflow) CNC of Torso/Arms
Mar. 1st - 7th Start MasterCam Documentation for tutorials completion April 1st.
Mar. 7th - 13th Rap up loose ends with Hubo 2 CAD and Documentation

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