Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 1 - Arrival

So the most important news is I have safely arrived in Daejeon, South Korea. But it has a most interesting story attached to that. I guess i will start this story from the inception, the van ride to JFK international airport. There was a a Korean woman who was sitting in front of us and started to inquire about Bryan and I. We answered and found that this woman actually lived 5 minutes from Bryan and both of her children graduated North Penn High School; her youngest a year after us. This common ground kept for continuing conversation even past the bus. We went thorough security together and sat waiting at the terminal. Mrs. Park was very kind to us by sharing Korean pastries with Bryan and I, for we both were starving. This new friendship came to light when we got to Korea with Mrs. Park's fluency in Korean. We had a vague idea on how to find the Bus ticket booth, from our last visit to South Korea in March 08. But with out us needing to ask Mrs. Park approached various people speaking a "Philly" sounding Korean and found the needed transportation for both of us. She also handled the transaction with the ticket teller. As quickly as we met her she left with her husband who arrived the day before. But with her last grace of kindness she treated us to "breakfast" at the mini mart. Mrs. Park showed us a compassion and a willingness to help that is hard to come by. We are deeply grateful for every thing she did for us and her generosity. With this helpful push we successfully navigated the bus line and taxi to finish our journey. I commend her for every thing she did for us, for Bryan and I both now know what to tell the next PIRE group when they arrive at Incheon International Airport.

I am safe and well moved into my new dorm, but it is 2 miles from KAIST. I could go for the exercise, for I welcome this 30 minute walk!

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Mommom said...

Hi RJ,
You're blog finally arrived at 5pm. I left my computer open on the table all day,I was so excited and patiently waiting to hear from you. You were lucky to meet a lady like Mrs. Park who was so kind to both of you. I felt like I was traveling with you, you write so beautifully. till tomorrow...Love, Mommmom