Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'M Off !!

I'm off to become a worldly man! So I am leaving on the bus at 6:15pm and then fly out of the US at midnight. My endeavor will be a grueling 14 hour flight!! Most would say what in the world RJ are you going to do?? So I have ranked the top 5 things I will be passing the time 1. Sleeping (Tylenol PM) 2. Watching in flight movies (each seat has a built in touchscreen and remote) 3. listening to music on my Ipod (Thanks Chelsea and Rob) 4. Watching Korean Drama ( You have to see it some time...Its addicting) 5. Eat/ Drink (I turn 21 as soon as I fly over Canada if you get what I mean!) Next psot will be form Korea, US signing out!

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