Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 3 - Working and Living

Today was what I would call my real first day of work. I started off the morning with receiving my Desktop computer. I then proceeded to reformat the computer from Korean to English. I also installed Solid Works (CAD) software. I got through the first four tutorials, but I still prefer Autodesk Inventor. When you learn on CAD software there so many similarities, that it is really easy to pick up a new one. Dr. Jun Oh has assigned me the task of taking the 2D AutoCAD drawings and converting them into 3D solid models. I will be given the material early next week. For now I will just familiarize myself with the Solid Works software.

I thought today that I would like to give the tour of my Dorm Room. The dorm is very simple but a comfortable living space. I only have to pay around $100 per month! So I share a room with Bryan, if you walk into the room my side is on the left. The first thing you notice when you open the doors is the entrance floor. In the Korean culture it is respectful when walking in to the place of living/eating you would take off your shoes.

When you are in the process of tacking off your shoes if you turn to your right you will see the light switch. The light switch has become such a mundane item in the United States culture, but the Koreans have stepped it up a notch. In the center of the two switches is a card slot. To activate the room's power the card most be in the slot. They do this so when you leave the room you pull the card and all the lights in the room shut off. Its like a master switch, used to conserve energy. Next you would then look strait ahead. I have my closet for my clothes, the bed and my desk...I told you it was simple! My desk set up with my computer, some books, and an area set aside for pictures of the people that I care most for! The final thing to show is my view out the window. The view is not bad we look over a construction site of four HUGE apartment buildings it seems that the construction is almost done, finishing in the next two months. It was overcast outside today with occasional rain. I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Mommom said...

Hi RJ,
Thanks again for the great update. Sounds like your work is getting interesting. Your dorm room looks comfortable. What a huge apartment building outside your dorm. Looks like a city environment. Thanks again for keeping us up to date with what you're doing...we enjoy it and are learning a lot too!...till your next posting...Love, Mom, Dad, and Mommom

Anonymous said...

RJ, I didn't see my picture on your desk .... :(

Ah, just kidding. Glad to see everything is working out so far in Korea. That first assignment for KAIST Dr. Oh is going to be a breeze for you.

Take care. James

Keith said...

Reformatting to english, bah! What happened to full immersion?? Never gonna learn Korean that way.

How's the food? You eat at the cafeteria?